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2014Innovative approaches to the preservation of forest treesPRITCHARD, HUGH W.; MOAT, JUSTIN F.; Joao Baptista Silva Ferraz; MARKS, TIMOTHY R.; CAMARGO, JOSÉ LUÍS C.; NADARAJAN, JAYANTHI; FERRAZ, ISOLDE D.K.
2013Forest fires in southwestern Brazilian Amazonia: Estimates of area and potential carbon emissionsVasconcelos, Sumaia Saldanha; Philip Martin Fearnside; P.M.L.A. Graça; Euler Nogueira; Luis Cláudio de Oliveira; Evandro Orfanó Figueiredo
2011Detection of subpixel treefall gaps with Landsat imagery in Central Amazon forestsChambers, Jeffrey Q.; Marra, Daniel M.; Ribeiro, Gabriel H.P.M.; Rifai, Sami W.; Niro Higuchi; Roberts, Dar
2013Guarana: Revisiting a highly caffeinated plant from the AmazonSCHIMPL, FLÁVIA CAMILA; DA SILVA, JOSÉ FERREIRA; José Francisco de Carvalho Gonçalves; Paulo Mazzafera
2001Burning of Amazonian Rainforests: Burning Efficiency and Charcoal Formation in Forest Cleared for Cattle Pasture near Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.Philip Martin Fearnside; P.M.L.A. Graça; F.J.A. Rodrigues
1997Environmental services as a strategy for sustainable development in rural AmazoniaPhilip Martin Fearnside
2016Environmental and Social Impacts of Hydroelectric Dams in Brazilian Amazonia: Implications for the Aluminum IndustryPhilip Martin Fearnside
2011Phylogenetic community structure during succession: Evidence from three Neotropical forest sites.Susan G. Letcher; Bruce Gary Williamson; Robin Chazdon; Ana C. S. Andrade; Frans Bongers; Michiel van Breugel; Brian Finegan; Susan Laurance; Rita de Cassia Guimaraes Mesquita; Miguel Martinez Ramos
2014Soil quality indicators for different restoration stages on Amazon rainforestVIANA, RAIANE M.; Joao Baptista Silva Ferraz; NEVES, AFRÂNIO F.; VIEIRA, GIL; PEREIRA, BRUNO F.F.
1985A Stochastic Model For Estimating Human Carrying Capacity In Brazil'S Transamazon Highway Colonization AreaPhilip Martin Fearnside