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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2009Spatial and temporal dynamics of river channel migration and vegetation in central Amazonian white-water floodplains by remote-sensing techniquesPeixoto, Juliana Maerschner Aguiar; Bruce Walker Nelson; Wittmann, Florian
2009The influence of forest definition on landscape fragmentation assessment in Rondônia, BrazilColson, Filip; Bogaert, Jan; Filho, Arnaldo Carneiro; Bruce Walker Nelson; Pinagé, Ekena Rangel; Ceulemans, Reinhart
2009The influence of epiphylls on remote sensing of humid forestsToomey, Michael; Roberts, Dar; Bruce Walker Nelson
2011Fire favours expansion of bamboo-dominated forests in the south-west AmazonSmith, Maira; Bruce Walker Nelson
2013Leaf decomposition and fine fuels in floodplain forests of the Rio Negro in the Brazilian AmazonDOS SANTOS, ALINE RAMOS; Bruce Walker Nelson
1990Endemism centres, refugia and botanical collection density in Brazilian AmazoniaBruce Walker Nelson; Ferreira, Carlos A. C.; da Silva, Marlene F.; Kawasaki, Maria L.
1994Natural forest disturbance and change in the Brazilian AmazonBruce Walker Nelson
2014Fire Damage in Seasonally Flooded and Upland Forests of the Central AmazonDE RESENDE, ANGÉLICA F.; Bruce Walker Nelson; FLORES, BERNARDO M.; DE ALMEIDA, DANILO R.
2005Pervasive Alteration of Tree Communities in Undisturbed Amazonian Forests1Bruce Walker Nelson
2008Ethnobotanical ground-truthing: indigenous knowledge, floristic inventories and satellite imagery in the upper Rio Negro, BrazilMarcia Barbosa Abraão; Bruce Walker Nelson; Baniwa, João Cláudio; Yu, Douglas W.; Shepard Jr, Glenn H.