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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2004The várzea forests in Amazonia: flooding and the highly dynamic geomorphology interact with natural forest successionFloriam Wittmann; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Wolfgang J Junk
2007Floodplain and upland populations of Amazonian Himatanthus sucuuba: Effects of flooding on germination, seedling growth and mortalityCristiane S Ferreira; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; W J Junk; P Parolin
2007Germination in four low-várzea tree species of Central AmazoniaAstrid Oliveira Wittmann; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Pia Parolin; Florian Wittmann
2009Effects of crude oil on survival, morphology, and anatomy of two aquatic macrophytes from the Amazon floodplainsAline Lopes; Sonia Maciel da Rosa Osman; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade
2009Adaptive strategies to tolerate prolonged flooding in seedlings of floodplain and upland populations of Himatanthus sucuuba, a Central Amazon treeCristiane S Ferreira; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Augusto Franco; José Francisco Carvalho Gonçalves; W J Junk
2007Management criteria for Ficus insipida Willd. (Moraceae) in Amazonian white-water floodplain forests defined by tree-ring analysisJochen Schongart; Florian Wittmann; Martin Worbes; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Juergen Krambeck; Wolfgang J Junk
2009The role of carbohydrates in seed germination and seedling establishment of Himatanthus sucuuba, an Amazonian tree with populations adapted to flooded and non-flooded conditionsFerreira, C. d. S.; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Tine, M. A. S.; Rossatto, D. R.; P Parolin; Buckeridge, M. S.
2004Central Amazonian Floodplain Forests: Tree Adaptations in a Pulsing SystemP Parolin; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Junk, W. J.; DE SIMONE, O.; HAASE, K.; Danielle Waldhoff; S Rottenberger; KUHN, U.; Juergen Kesselmeier; Betina Kleiss; W Schmidt
2004Teleconnection between tree growth in the Amazonian floodplains and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation effectJ Schöngart; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Wolfgang J. Junk; J M Ayres; A. Hüttermann; M Worbes
2006Tree species composition and diversity gradients in white-water forests across the Amazon BasinFlorian Wittmann; Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade; Jochen Schoengart; Juan Carlos Montero; Thomas Motzer; W J Junk; Helder L Queioz; Martin Worbes