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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2015Secondary vegetation in central Amazonia: Land-use history effects on aboveground biomassElisa Vieira Wandelli; Philip Martin Fearnside
2010More than CO2: A broader paradigm for managing climate change and variability to avoid ecosystem collapseMcAlpine, C.A.; Laurance, W.F.; Ryan, J.G; Seabrook, L.; Thomas, S.; Dargusch, P.J.; Syktus, J.I.; Pielke, R.A. Sr.; Etter, A.; Philip Martin Fearnside
2012Book ReviewPhilip Martin Fearnside
2012Avoided deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia: Simulating the effect of the Juma Sustainable Development ReserveYanai, Aurora Miho; Philip Martin Fearnside; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima de Alencastro; Nogueira, Euler Melo
2013Variability of vegetation fires with rain and deforestation in Brazil's state of AmazonasVasconcelos, Sumaia Saldanha; Philip Martin Fearnside; P.M.L.A. Graça; David Valentim Dias; Francis Wagner Silva Correia
2012Greenhouse-gas emissions from tropical damsPhilip Martin Fearnside; Pueyo, Salvador
2011Brazil's Amazon forest in mitigating global warming: Unresolved controversiesPhilip Martin Fearnside
2012Carbon credit for hydroelectric dams as a source of greenhouse-gas emissions: the example of Brazil?s Teles Pires DamPhilip Martin Fearnside
2012The theoretical battlefield: accounting for the carbon benefits of maintaining Brazil s Amazon forestPhilip Martin Fearnside
2015Carbon stock loss from deforestation through 2013 in Brazilian AmazoniaNOGUEIRA, EULER M; Yanai, Aurora Miho; Frederico O.R.Fonseca; Philip Martin Fearnside