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2011Determination of the mating system of Tucumã palm using microsatellite markersSantiago Linorio Ferreyra Ramos; Maria Teresa Gomes Lopes; Ricardo Lopes; Raimundo Nonato Vieira da Cunha; Jeferson Luis Vasconcelos de Macêdo; Luis Antônio Serrão Contim; Charles Roland Clement; Doriane Picanço Rodrigues; Laura Graciliana Bernardes
2015Peach palm core collection in Brazilian Amazoniade Cristo-Araújo, Michelly; Picanço-Rodrigues, Doriane; Spartaco Astolfi Filho; Charles Roland Clement
2007Cryopreservation of peach palm zygotic embryosDouglas A. Steinmacher; Cleber W. Saldanha; Charles Roland Clement; Miguel Pedro Guerra
2007Somatic Embryogenesis in Peach Palm Using the Thin Cell Layer Technique: Induction, Morpho-histological Aspects and AFLP Analysis of Somaclonal VariationDouglas A. Steinmacher; Krohn, N. G.; Dantas, A. C. M.; Stefenon, V. M.; Charles Roland Clement; Guerra, M. P.
2004Why extensive research and development did not promote use of peach palm fruit in Latin AmericaCharles Roland Clement; John C Weber; Johannes van Leeuwen; Carlos Astorga Domian; David M Cole; Luis A Arévalo Lopez; Heliodoro Argüello
2014Long-distance dispersal of the coconut palm by migration within the coral atoll ecosystemHugh C. Harries; Charles Roland Clement
2009Analysis of information used in the management of plant genetic resources: a case study from northwestern Mato Grosso, BrazilJorge Luiz Vivan; Peter H. May; Luís H.H. Cunha; Walter S. de Boef; Charles Roland Clement
1986The pejibaye palm (Bactris gasipaes H.B.K.) as an agroforestry component.Charles Roland Clement
1989The potential use of the pejibaye palm in agroforestry systems.Charles Roland Clement
2010Secondary forests on anthropogenic soils in Brazilian Amazonia conserve agrobiodiversityJunqueira, André Braga; Shepard, Glenn Harvey; Charles Roland Clement