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2019Characterization of spermatogonial cells and niche in the scorpion mud turtle (Kinosternon scorpioides)Costa, Guilherme M.J.; Sousa, Alana Lislea; Figueiredo, Andre´ Felipe Almeida; Lacerda, Samyra Maria Santos N.Nassif; França, Luiz Renato de
2018Higher environmental temperatures promote acceleration of spermatogenesis in vivo in mice (Mus musculus)Costa, Guilherme M.J.; Lacerda, Samyra Maria Santos N.Nassif; Figueiredo, Andre´ Felipe Almeida; Leal, Marcelo Castro; Rezende-Neto, José V.; França, Luiz Renato de
2017Horse spermatogonial stem cell cryopreservation: feasible protocols and potential biotechnological applicationsCosta, Guilherme M.J.; Avelar, Gleide Fernandes; Lacerda, Samyra Maria Santos N.Nassif; Figueiredo, Andre´ Felipe Almeida; Tavares, Amanda O.; Rezende-Neto, José V.; Martins, Felipe G.P.; França, Luiz Renato de
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016Sertoli cells are capable of proliferation into adulthood in the transition region between the seminiferous tubules and the rete testis in Wistar ratsFigueiredo, Andre´ Felipe Almeida; França, Luiz Renato de; Hess, Rex Allen; Costa, Guilherme M.J.
2017Spermatogenesis in a neotropical marsupial species, Philander frenatus (Olfers, 1818)Figueiredo, Andre´ Felipe Almeida; Cordeiro, Dirceu A.; Nogueira, Julia Carlos; Talamoni, S. A.; França, Luiz Renato de; Costa, Guilherme M.J.