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2015Biochemical and behavioral responses of the Amazonian fish Colossoma macropomum to crude oil: The effect of oil layer on water surfaceKochhann, Daiani; Jardim, Manoela Meyersieck; Valdez Domingos, Fab?ola Xochilt; Val, Adalberto Luis
2011Congruence between fish and plant assemblages in drifting macrophyte rafts in Central AmazoniaDias, Murilo Sversut; Toledo, Jos? Julio; Jardim, Manoela Meyersieck; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa de; Leandro, Carlos; Gomes, Ana Carla Serra; Zuanon, Jansen
2010Efeitos do petróleo em peixes amazônicos: suscetibilidade diferenciada das espécies tambaqui e tamoatáMoreira, Fabíola Xochilt Valdez Domingos; Jardim, Manoela Meyersieck; Kochhann, Daiani; Brust, Sandra Maristher Azevedo; Val, Adalberto Luis
2010Effect of different crude oil fractions in the swimming performance of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum)Kochhann, Daiani; A., Brust, Sandra M.; Jardim, Manoela Meyersieck; Moreira, Fabíola Xochilt Valdez Domingos; Val, Adalberto Luis