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2008Infection rates and genotypes of Trypanosoma rangeli and T. cruzi infecting free-ranging Saguinus bicolor (Callitrichidae), a critically endangered primate of the Amazon RainforestMaia da Silva, F.; Naiff, Roberto Daibes; Marcili, Arlei; Gordo, Marcelo; D'Affonsêca Neto, José Anselmo; Naiff, Maricleide de Farias; Franco, A. M.; Campaner, Marta; Valente, Vera da Costa; Valente, Sebastiäo Aldo S.; Camargo, Erney Plessmann; Teixeira, Marta Maria Geraldes; Miles, Michael Alexander
2008A phylogenetic lineage of closely related trypanosomes (Trypanosomatidae, Kinetoplastida) of anurans and sand flies (Psychodidae, Diptera) sharing the same ecotopes in Brazilian AmazoniaFerreira, Robson C.; Souza, Adelson Alcimar Almeida de; Freitas, Rui Alves de; Campaner, Marta; Takata, Carmen S.A.; Barrett, Toby Vincent; Shaw, Jeffrey Jon; Teixeira, Marta Maria Geraldes
2008Phylogeny of snake trypanosomes inferred by SSU rDNA sequences, their possible transmission by phlebotomines, and taxonomic appraisal by molecular, cross-infection and morphological analysisViola, Laerte B.; Campaner, Marta; Takata, Carmen S.A.; Ferreira, Robson C.; Rodrigues, Adriana Carlos; Freitas, Rui Alves de; Duarte, Marcelo Ribeiro; Grego, Kathleen Fernandes; Barrett, Toby Vincent; Camargo, Erney Plessmann; Teixeira, Marta Maria Geraldes
2009Trypanosoma cruzi in Brazilian Amazonia: Lineages TCI and TCIIa in wild primates, Rhodnius spp. and in humans with Chagas disease associated with oral transmissionMarcili, Arlei; Valente, Vera da Costa; Valente, Sebastiäo Aldo S.; Junqueira, Ângela Cristina Veríssimo; Silva, Flávia Maia da; Pinto, Ana Yecê das Neves; Naiff, Roberto Daibes; Campaner, Marta; Coura, José Rodrigues; Camargo, Erney Plessmann; Miles, Michael Alexander; Teixeira, Marta Maria Geraldes