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2009AN annotated checklist of ferns and lycophytes from the biological reserve of uATUMÃ, an area with patches of rich-soils in central amazonia, BRAZILZuquim, Gabriela; Prado, J.; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto
2018Beyond climate control on species range: The importance of soil data to predict distribution of Amazonian plant speciesFigueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa; Zuquim, Gabriela; Tuomisto, Hanna; Moulatlet, Gabriel M.; Balslev, Henrik; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto
2012Broad Scale Distribution of Ferns and Lycophytes along Environmental Gradients in Central and Northern Amazonia, BrazilZuquim, Gabriela; Tuomisto, Hanna; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Prado, J.; Magnusson, William Ernest; Pimentel, Tânia Pena; Braga-Neto, Ricardo; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa
2019Discovering floristic and geoecological gradients across AmazoniaTuomisto, Hanna; Van Doninck, Jasper; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Moulatlet, Gabriel M.; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa; Sirén, Anders Henrik; Cárdenas, Glenda G.; Lehtonen, Samuli; Zuquim, Gabriela
2009Distribution of pteridophyte communities along environmental gradients in Central Amazonia, BrazilZuquim, Gabriela; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Prado, J.; Braga-Neto, Ricardo
2008Leaf litter fungi in a Central Amazonian forest: The influence of rainfall, soil and topography on the distribution of fruiting bodiesBraga-Neto, Ricardo; Luizâo, Regina Celi Costa; Magnusson, William Ernest; Zuquim, Gabriela; Castilho, Carolina Volkmer de
2019Making the most of scarce data: Mapping soil gradients in data-poor areas using species occurrence recordsZuquim, Gabriela; Stropp, Juliana; Moulatlet, Gabriel M.; Van Doninck, Jasper; Quesada, Carlos Alberto; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Tuomisto, Hanna
2014Predicting environmental gradients with fern species composition in Brazilian AmazoniaZuquim, Gabriela; Tuomisto, Hanna; Jones, Mirkka M.; Prado, J.; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa; Moulatlet, Gabriel M.; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Quesada, Carlos Alberto; Emilio, Thaise
2007Sample effort reduction vs. information retention in inventories of pteridophytes in Central Amazonia [Redução de esforço amostral vs. Retenção de informação em inventários de pteridófitas na Amazônia Central]Zuquim, Gabriela; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Prado, J.
2013Spatial scale or amplitude of predictors as determinants of the relative importance of environmental factors to plant community structurePansonato, Marcelo Petratti; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Castilho, Carolina Volkmer de; Carvalho, Fernanda Antunes; Zuquim, Gabriela
2019The importance of soils in predicting the future of plant habitat suitability in a tropical forestZuquim, Gabriela; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Tuomisto, Hanna; Moulatlet, Gabriel M.; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa
2017Using digital soil maps to infer edaphic affinities of plant species in Amazonia: Problems and prospectsMoulatlet, Gabriel M.; Zuquim, Gabriela; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa; Lehtonen, Samuli; Emilio, Thaise; Ruokolainen, Kalle; Tuomisto, Hanna