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2017A revised hydrological model for the Central Amazon: The importance of emergent canopy trees in the forest water budgetKunert, Norbert; Aparecido, Luiza Maria Teóphilo; Wolff, Stefan; Higuchi, Niro; Santos, Joaquim dos; Araüjo, Alessandro Carioca de; Trumbore, Susan Elizabeth
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg1999Ridges and rivers: A test of competing hypotheses of Amazonian diversification using a dart-poison frog (Epipedobates femoralis)Lougheed, Stephen C.; Gascon, Claude; Jones, D. A.; Bogart, James P.; Boag, Peter T.
2013Road-associated edge effects in Amazonia change termite community composition by modifying environmental conditionsSales Dambros, Cristian de; Silva, Valéria Natália Vasconcelos da; Azevedo, Renato A.; Morais, José Wellington
2004The robustness of eddy correlation fluxes for Amazon rain forest conditionsKruijt, Bart J.; Elbers, Jan A.; Randow, Celso Von; Araüjo, Alessandro Carioca de; Oliveira, Paulo J.C.; Culf, Alistair D.; Manzi, Antônio Ocimar; Nobre, Antônio Donato; Kabat, Pavel; Moors, Eddy J.
2019The role of abrupt climate change in the formation of an open vegetation enclave in northern Amazonia during the late QuaternaryZular, André; Sawakuchi, André Oliveira; Chiessi, Cristiano Mazur; D'Horta, Fernando Mendonça; Cruz, Francisco W.; Dematt?, José Alexandre Melo; Ribas, Camila Cherem; Hartmann, Gelvam A.; Giannini, Paulo César Fonseca; Soares, Emílio Alberto Amaral
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016The role of Amazonian anthropogenic soils in shifting cultivation: Learning from farmers’ rationalesJunqueira, André Braga; Almekinders, Conny J.M.; Stomph, Tjeerd Jan; Clement, Charles Roland; Struik, Paul C.
2019The role of fertile anthropogenic soils in the conservation of native and exotic agrobiodiversity in Amazonian homegardensSouza, Nathalia B. de; Junqueira, André Braga; Struik, Paul C.; Stomph, Tjeerd Jan; Clement, Charles Roland
2019The role of Late Pleistocene-Holocene tectono-sedimentary history on the origin of patches of savanna vegetation in the middle Madeira River, southwest of the Amazonian lowlandsRossetti, Dilce F.; Gribel, Rogério; Cohen, Marcelo Cancela Lisboa; Valeriano, M. M.; Tatumi, Sônia Hatsue; Yee, Marcio
2002The role of periphytic N2 fixation for stands of macrophytes in the whitewater floodplain (várzea)Kern, Jürgen; Darwich, Assad José
2012The role of physical barriers in the location of avian suture zones in the Guiana Shield, northern AmazoniaNaka, Luciano Nicol?s; Bechtoldt, Catherine L.; Magalli Pinto Henriques, L.; Brumfield, Robb Thomas
2017Run, hide, or fight: anti-predation strategies in endangered red-nosed cuxiú (Chiropotes albinasus, Pitheciidae) in southeastern AmazoniaBarnett, Adrian Ashton; Silla, João M.; Oliveira, Tadeu G. de; Boyle, Sarah Ann; Bezerra, Bruna; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; Setz, Eleonore Zulnara Freire; Silva, Rafaela F.Soares da; Albuquerque Teixeira, Samara de; Todd, Lucy M.; Pinto, Líliam Patrícia
2005Seasonal and diurnal changes in the fish fauna composition of a mangrove lake in the Caeté estuary, north BrazilGoch, Ynglea Georgina de Freitas; Krumme, Uwe; Saint-Paul, Ulrich; Zuanon, Jansen
2012Seasonal anomalous rainfall in the central and eastern Amazon and associated anomalous oceanic and atmospheric patternsAndreoli, Rita Valéria; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Cândido, Luiz Antônio
1991Seasonal patterns of juvenile recruitment and reproduction in four species of leaf litter frogs in central AmazoniaMoreira, Glória Soares; Lima, Albertina Pimental
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016Seasonality of isoprenoid emissions from a primary rainforest in central AmazoniaAlves, Eliane Gomes; Jardine, Kolby J.; Tóta, Júlio; Jardine, Angela B.; Yáñez-Serrano, Ana Maria; Karl, Thomas G.; Tavares, Julia Valentim; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Gu, Dasa; Stavrakou, Trissevgeni; Martin, Scot T.; Artaxo, Paulo; Manzi, Antônio Ocimar; Guenther, Alex B.
2010Secondary forests on anthropogenic soils in Brazilian Amazonia conserve agrobiodiversityJunqueira, André Braga; Shepard, Glenn Harvey; Clement, Charles Roland
2010Seed dispersal of the Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa) by scatter-hoarding rodents in a central amazonian forestHaugaasen, Joanne M.Tuck; Haugaasen, Torbjørn; Peres, Carlos A.; Gribel, Rogério; Wegge, Per
2011Seeds of Amazonian plantsFerraz, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann
2002Selective logging effects on abundance, diversity, and composition of tropical understory herbsCosta, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Magnusson, William Ernest
Sequential.pdf.jpg2017Sequential management of commercial rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora ducke) plantations in central Amazonia: Seeking sustainable models for Essential oil productionKrainovic, Pedro Medrado; Almeida, Danilo Roberti Alves de; Desconci, Diego; Veiga-Junior, Valdir F.; Sampaio, Paulo de Tarso Barbosa