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2005Apteronotus milesi, new species of ghost knifefish (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae) from the Cauca River, with a key to apteronotids from the Magdalena-Cauca basin, ColombiaSantana, Carlos David de; Maldonado-Ocampo, Javier Alejandro
2016Evolution of electric communication signals in the South American ghost knifefishes (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae): A phylogenetic comparative study using a sequence-based phylogenySmith, Adam R.; Proffitt, Melissa R.; Ho, Winnie W.; Mullaney, Claire B.; Maldonado-Ocampo, Javier Alejandro; Lovejoy, Nathan R.; Alves-Gomes, José Antônio; Smith, G. Troy
2002Largest of all electric-fish snouts: Hypermorphic facial growth in male Apteronotus hasemani and the identity of Apteronotus anas (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae)Fernandes, Cristina Cox; Lundberg, John G.; Riginos, Cynthia
2012A new species of sexually dimorphic electric knifefish from the Amazon basin, Brazil (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae)Santana, Carlos David de; Fernandes, Cristina Cox
2010Sex Differences in the Electrocommunication Signals of the Electric Fish Apteronotus bonapartiiHo, Winnie W.; Fernandes, Cristina Cox; Alves-Gomes, José Antônio; Smith, G. Troy
2006Sexual dimorphism in Apteronotus bonapartii (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae)Hilton, Eric J.; Fernandes, Cristina Cox