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2001CC3 or C4 macrophytes: A specific carbon source for the development of semi-aquatic and terrestrial arthropods in Central Amazonian river-floodplains according to δ13C valuesAdis, Joachim U.; Victória, Reynaldo Luiz
2000Differences in diet among frogs and lizards coexisting in subtropical forests of AustraliaLima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest; Williams, David G.
1995Identification plate for the Millipede orders populating the neotropical region south of Central Mexico.Golovatch, Sergei I; Hoffman, Richard L.; Adis, Joachim; Morais, José Wellington de
1993Influence of different cropping systems on the density of terrestrial invertebrates in varzea soils of central AmazoniaOliveira, E. P. de
2002Myriapoda at 'Reserva Ducke', central Amazonia/BrazilAdis, Joachim U.; Foddai, Donatella; Golovatch, Sergei Ilyich; Hoffman, Richard L.; Minelli, Alessandro; Morais, José Wellington; Pereira, Luis Alberto; Scheller, Ulf; Schileyko, Arkady A.; Würmli, Marcus
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2003Trichomycetes (Zygomycota) in the Digestive Tract of Arthropods in Amazonas, BrazilAlencar, Yamile Benaion; Ríos-Velásquez, Cláudia María; Lichtwardt, Robert W.; Hamada, Neusa