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Title: Myriapoda at 'Reserva Ducke', central Amazonia/Brazil
Authors: Adis, Joachim U.
Foddai, Donatella
Golovatch, Sergei Ilyich
Hoffman, Richard L.
Minelli, Alessandro
Morais, José Wellington
Pereira, Luis Alberto
Scheller, Ulf
Schileyko, Arkady A.
Würmli, Marcus
Keywords: Biodiversity
Neotropical Region
Species Inventory
Species Occurrence
Ducke Reserve
South America
Issue Date: 2002
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Amazoniana
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 17, Número 1-2, Pags. 15-25
Abstract: Myriapoda contains the four recent classes Chilopoda, Diplopoda, Pauropoda and Symphyla. In total, 159 families, 2166 genera and >15162 species are known world-wide. Twenty-nine families, >93 genera and >401 described species occur in Amazonia. One-fifth of the families presently known in the myriapods are represented in Amazonia. About 3% of all described species live, and at least 9% of the species estimated to exist world-wide in Myriapoda are assumed to live in Amazonia. From the forest reserve 'Reserva Ducke' near Manaus, 22 families, 38 genera and 73 described species are known at present. The Chilopoda represent 5 families, 9 genera, 23 species and one undescribed morphospecies, the Diplopoda 13 families, 18 described genera, 14 species and 19 undescribed morphospecies, the Pauropoda 2 families, 7 genera, 31 species, and the Sympyla 2 families, 4 genera and 5 species. All names are listed.
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