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artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2003Determination of high molecular mass compounds from Amazonian plant's leavesSiqueira, Denilson Soares de; dos Santos Pereira, A. S.; Aquino Neto, Francisco Radler; Cabral, José Augusto; Ferreira, Carlos Alberto Cid; Simoneit, Bernd Rolf Tatsuo; Elias, Vladimir O.
2004Increasing the profitability of traditional, planted rubber agroforests at the Tapajós river, Brazilian AmazonSchroth, G?otz; Moraes, Vicente Haroldo de Figueiredo; Mota, M. S.S. da
1993Influence of different cropping systems on the density of terrestrial invertebrates in varzea soils of central AmazoniaOliveira, E. P. de
2008Litter manipulation and associated invertebrate fauna in secondary forest, central Amazonia, BrazilSantos, Evanira M.R.; Franklin, E.; Luizão, Flávio Jesus
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2017Response to Comment on "persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition"Junqueira, André Braga; Levis, Carolina; Bongers, Frans; Pena-Claros, Marielos; Clement, Charles Roland; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Steege, Hans Ter
2003Rubber agroforests at the Tapajós river, Brazilian Amazon - Environmentally benign land use systems in an old forest frontier regionSchroth, G?otz; Coutinho, Paulo; Moraes, Vicente Haroldo de Figueiredo; Albernaz, Ana Luísa Kerti Mangabeira
2001Soil nitrogen mineralization under tree crops and a legume cover crop in multi-strata agroforestry in central Amazonia: Spatial and temporal patternsSchroth, G?otz; Salazar, E.; Silva, José Pereira da
2001Structure and function of soil fauna communities in Amazonian anthropogenic and natural ecosystemsHöfer, Hubert; Hanagarth, Werner; Garcia, Marcos Vinicius Bastos; Martius, Christopher; Franklin, E.; Römbke, Jörg; Beck, Ludwig