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2004Evaluation of soil fertility in smallholder agroforestry systems and pastures in western AmazoniaAlfaia, Sonia Sena; Ribeiro, Gilberto A.; Nobre, Antônio Donato; Luizâo, Regina Celi Costa; Luizão, Flávio Jesus
2018The Influence of Soil Quality and Market Orientation on Manioc (Manihot esculenta) Varietal Choice by Smallholder Farmers along the Lower Tapajós River, Pará, BrazilChaves, Raquel Sousa; Junqueira, André Braga; Clement, Charles Roland
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014The management of tree genetic resources and the livelihoods of rural communities in the tropics: Non-timber forest products, smallholder agroforestry practices and tree commodity cropsDawson, Ian K.; Leakey, Roger R.B.; Clement, Charles Roland; Weber, John C.; Cornelius, Jonathan P.; Roshetko, James M.; Vinceti, Barbara; Kalinganire, Antoine; Tchoundjeu, Zacharie; Masters, Eliot T.; Jamnadass, H. R.
Modeling.pdf.jpg2015Modeling potential impacts of planting palms or tree in small holder fruit plantations on ecohydrological processes in the central AmazonKunert, Norbert; Aparecido, Luiza Maria Teóphilo; Barros, Priscila; Higuchi, Niro
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016The role of Amazonian anthropogenic soils in shifting cultivation: Learning from farmers’ rationalesJunqueira, André Braga; Almekinders, Conny J.M.; Stomph, Tjeerd Jan; Clement, Charles Roland; Struik, Paul C.
2016Variation in soil fertility influences cycle dynamics and crop diversity in shifting cultivation systemsJunqueira, André Braga; Stomph, Tjeerd Jan; Clement, Charles Roland; Struik, Paul C.
2004Why extensive research and development did not promote use of peach palm fruit in Latin AmericaClement, Charles Roland; Weber, John C.; van Leeuwen, Johannes; Astorga Domian, C.; Cole, David M.; Arévalo-López, L. A.; Argüello, H.