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2021Avian extinctions induced by the oldest Amazonian hydropower mega dam: Evidence from museum collections and sighting data spanning 172 yearsPinto Henriques, Luiza Magalli; Dantas, Sidnei De Melo; Santos, Lucyana Barros; Bueno, Anderson Saldanha; Peres, Carlos A.
Deforestation.pdf.jpg2017Deforestation and Carbon Stock Loss in Brazil’s Amazonian SettlementsYanai, Aurora Miho; Nogueira, Euler Melo; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Fearnside, Philip Martin
2012Description and notes on the bionomics of a new species of Potamophilops Grouvelle, 1896 (Coleoptera: Elmidae: Larainae), from the Cerrado biome in BrazilFernandes, André Silva; Hamada, Neusa
1990Interactions between the parasite Probopyrus bithynis (Isopoda, Bopyridae) and one of its hosts, the shrimp Macrobrachium amazonicum (Decapoda, PalaemonidaeCollart, O. O.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2017Phylogeography and population diversity of Simulium hirtipupa Lutz (Diptera: Simuliidae) based on mitochondrial COI sequencesAndrade-Souza, V.; Silva, Janisete Gomes; Hamada, Neusa
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Remarkable geographic structuring of rheophilic fishes of the lower Araguaia RiverHrbek, Tomas; Meliciano, Natasha V.; Zuanon, Jansen; Farias, Izeni P.
2016Size and condition of bamboo as structural factors behind the vertical stratification of the bamboo-nesting ant communityArruda, Filipe V.; Pesquero, M. A.; Marcelino, Dianes Gomes; Leite, Gabriel Augusto; Delabie, Jacques H.C.; Fagundes, Roberth
2020Water diversion in Brazil threatens biodiversityDaga, Vanessa Salete; Azevedo-Santos, Valter Monteiro de; Pelicice, Fernando Mayer; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Perbiche-Neves, Gilmar; Paschoal, Lucas R.P.; Cavallari, Daniel Caracanhas; Erickson, José; Ruocco, Ana Maria Cirino; Oliveira, Igor; Padial, André Andrian; Simões Vitule, Jean Ricardo