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2009Are tortoises important seed dispersers in Amazonian forests?Jerozolimski, Adriano; Ribeiro, Maria Beatriz Nogueira; Martins, Marcio
2010Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and selenium levels in blood of four species of turtles from the Amazon in brazilBurger, Joanna; Jeitner, Christian W.; Schneider, Larissa; Vogt, Richard Carl; Gochfeld, Michael G.
2019Characterization of spermatogonial cells and niche in the scorpion mud turtle (Kinosternon scorpioides)Costa, Guilherme M.J.; Sousa, Alana Lislea; Figueiredo, Andre´ Felipe Almeida; Lacerda, Samyra Maria Santos N.Nassif; França, Luiz Renato de
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2013Cryptic Population Structuring and the Role of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec as a Gene Flow Barrier in the Critically Endangered Central American River TurtleGonzález-Porter, Gracia P.; Maldonado, Jesus E.; Flores-Villela, Oscar A.; Vogt, Richard Carl; Janke, Axel; Fleischer, Robert C.; Hailer, Frank
2017Diet of Amazon river turtles (Podocnemididae): a review of the effects of body size, phylogeny, season and habitatEisemberg, Carla Camilo; Reynolds, Stephen J.; Christian, Keith A. A.; Vogt, Richard Carl
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg1998Eimeria peltocephali n. sp., (Apicomplexa:Eimeriidae) from the Freshwater Turtle Peltocephalus dumerilianus (Chelonia:Pelomusidae) and Eimeria molossi n. sp., from the Bat, Molossus ater (Mammalia: Chiroptera)Lainson, Ralph; Naiff, Roberto Daibes
2015An evaluation of the use of reptile dermal scutes as a non-invasive method to monitor mercury concentrations in the environmentSchneider, Larissa; Eggins, Sam; Maher, William A.; Vogt, Richard Carl; Krikowa, Frank; Kinsley, Leslie P.J.; Eggins, Stephen M.; Silveira, Ronis da
2016Graptemys Ouachitensis (ouachita Map TurtleVogt, Richard Carl; Kapfer, Joshua M.
2014Haemogregarina spp. in a wild population from Podocnemis unifilis Troschel, 1848 in the Brazilian AmazoniaSoares, Priscilla; Brito, Elizângela Silva de; Paiva, Fernando; Pavan, Dante; Viana, Lúcio André
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2019Influence of body size, topography, food availability and tree-fall gaps on space use by yellow-footed tortoises (Chelonoidis denticulatus) in Central AmazoniaTavares, Aline S.; Morcatty, Thaís Queiroz; Zuanon, Jansen; Magnusson, William Ernest
2015John M. Legler 1930?2014: The Old Curmudgeon, The Turtle Biologist?s Turtle Man Of All TimesVogt, Richard Carl
2009Mercury bioacumulation in four tissues of Podocnemis erythrocephala (Podocnemididae: Testudines) as a function of water parametersSchneider, Larissa; Belger, Lauren; Burger, Joanna; Vogt, Richard Carl
2010Mercury levels in muscle of six species of turtles eaten by people along the Rio Negro of the Amazon basinSchneider, Larissa; Belger, Lauren; Burger, Joanna; Vogt, Richard Carl; Ferrara, Camila Rudge
1980New methods for trapping aquatic turtlesVogt, Richard Carl
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2000Percepções sobre o consumo de quelônios na Amazônia: sustentabilidade e alternativas ao manejo atualRebêlo, George; Pezzuti, Juarez
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2011Population genetics analysis of Podocnemis sextuberculata (Testudines, Podocnemidae): Lack of population structure in the central Amazon BasinSilva, Themis Jesus; Monjeló, Luiz Alberto dos Santos; Viana, Maria N.S.; Pezzuti, Juarez Carlos Brito; Andrade, Paulo César Machado; Vogt, Richard Carl; Farias, Izeni P.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016Relationship between multiple paternity and reproductive parameters for Podocnemis sextuberculata (Testudines: Podocnemididae) in the Trombetas River, BrazilFreda, F. P.; Bernardes, Virgínia Campos Diniz; Eisemberg, Carla Camilo; Fantin, Cleiton; Vogt, Richard Carl
2013Turtle vocalizations as the first evidence of posthatching parental care in cheloniansFerrara, Camila Rudge; Vogt, Richard Carl; Sousa-Lima, Renata S.