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2016The advertisement call of Ameerega pulchripecta (Silverstone, 1976) (Anura, Dendrobatidae)Carlos, Eduardo Costa Campos; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Amézquita, Adolfo
1995Aspects of the reproductive biology of Physalaemus cuvieri (Anura: Leptodactylidae) in northeastern BrazilBarreto, Larissa; Andrade, Gilda Vasconcellos
2015Autonomous sound monitoring shows higher use of Amazon old growth than secondary forest by parrotsFigueira, Luiza; Tella, José Luis; Camargo, Ulisses M.; Ferraz, Gonçalo
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Chirping and asymmetric jamming avoidance responses in the electric fish Distocyclus conirostrisPetzold, Jacquelyn M.; Alves-Gomes, José Antônio; Smith, G. Troy
2014Crying tapir: The functionality of errors and accuracy in predator recognition in two neotropical high-canopy primatesMourthé, Ítalo M.C.; Barnett, Adrian Ashton
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016Decoupled evolution between senders and receivers in the neotropical Allobates femoralis frog complexBetancourth-Cundar, Mileidy; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Hödl, Walter; Amézquita, Adolfo
2017First evidence of the pig-nosed turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) vocalizing underwaterFerrara, Camila Rudge; Vogt, Richard Carl; Eisemberg, Carla Camilo; Doody, Jean Sean
2014First Evidence that Hatchlings of Chelonia mydas Emit SoundsFerrara, Camila Rudge; Mortimer, Jeanne A.; Vogt, Richard Carl
2013First record of the genera Luzarida Hebard, 1928 and Luzaridella Desutter-Grandcolas, 1992 (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Phalangopsinae) from Brazil, including a new species and description of the female of Luzarida lata Gorochov, 2011De, Luciano; Silva, Luciene G. da; Henriques, Augusto Loureiro; Zefa, Edison
2021Genomic phylogeography of the White-crowned Manakin Pseudopipra pipra (Aves: Pipridae) illuminates a continental-scale radiation out of the AndesLovette, Irby John; Prum, Richard Owen; Ribas, Camila Cherem; Astor, Ivandy N. Castro; Feo, Teresa J.; Campagna, Leonardo; Berv, Jacob S.
2011Harpy eagle-primate interactions in the central amazonLenz, Bryan Bernard; Marajó, Alaercio dos Reis
2013An integrative appraisal of the diagnosis and distribution of Allobates sumtuosus (Morales, 2002) (Anura, Aromobatidae)Simões, Pedro Ivo; Kaefer, Igor L.; Farias, Izeni P.; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2006Masking interference and the evolution of the acoustic communication system in the Amazonian dendrobatid frog Allobates femoralisAmézquita, Adolfo; Hödl, Walter; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Castellanos, Lina; Erdtmann, Luciana K.; Araújo, Maria Carmozina de
2003A new amazonian species of Colostethus (Anura: Dendrobatidae) with a nidicolous tadpoleCaldwell, Janalee P.; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2013A new diminutive species of Allobates Zimmermann and Zimmermann, 1988 (Anura, Aromobatidae) from the northwestern Rio Madeira - Rio Tapajós interfluve, Amazonas, BrazilSimões, Pedro Ivo; Sturaro, Marcelo José; Peloso, Pedro Luiz Vieira; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2019A new species of Amazophrynella (Anura: Bufonidae) with two distinct advertisement callsKaefer, Igor L.; Rojas, Rommel R.; Ferrão, Miquéias; Farias, Izeni P.; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2016A new species of nurse-frog (Aromobatidae, Allobates) from the Madeira River basin with a small geographic rangeSimões, Pedro Ivo
2021Parapatric pied and red-handed tamarin responses to congeneric and conspecific callsSobroza, Tainara Venturini; Gordo, Marcelo; Barnett, Adrian P.A.; Boubli, Jean Philippe; Spironello, Wilson Roberto
2011Predation on Cacajao ouakary and Cebus albifrons (Primates: Platyrrhini) by harpy eaglesBarnett, Adrian Ashton; Schie, Verena; Deveny, Adrian J.; Valsko, Jefferson José; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; Ross, Caroline
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014Rivers acting as barriers for bird dispersal in the AmazonFernandes, Alexandre Mendes; Cohn-Haft, Mario; Hrbek, Tomas; Farias, Izeni P.