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1999Relationship between soils and Amazon forest biomass: A landscape-scale studyLaurance, William F.; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Laurance, Susan G.W.; Delamônica, Patricia; Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Rankin-de Mérona, Judy M.; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin; Gascon, Claude
1998Soil carbon changes from conversion of forest to pasture in Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin; Barbosa, Reinaldo Imbrozio
1998Rain forest on Maraca Island, Roraima, Brazil: Soil and litter process response to artificial gapsLuizão, Flávio Jesus; Proctor, John; Thompson, Jill; Luizâo, Regina Celi Costa; Marrs, Rob H.; Scott, David A.; Viana, Virgílio Maurício
1997Brazilian amazonian caboclo agriculture: Effect of fallow period on maize yieldSilva-Forsberg, Maria Clara; Fearnside, Philip Martin
1997Wood density for estimating forest biomass in Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin
1996Amazonian deforestation and global warming: Carbon stocks in vegetation replacing Brazil's Amazon forestFearnside, Philip Martin
1996Carbon uptake by secondary forests in Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin; Guimarães, Walba Malheiros
1995Potential impacts of climatic change on natural forests and forestry in Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin
1995Real evapotranspiration and transpiration through a tropical rain forest in central Amazonia as estimated by the water balance methodLeopoldo, Paulo Rodolfo; Franken, Wolfram Karl; Villa-Nova, Nilson Augusto
1991Changes in soil pore-space distribution following deforestation and revegetation: An example from the Central Amazon Basin, BrazilChauvel, Armand; Grimaldi, Michel; Tessier, Daniel