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Title: Seasonality of the metazoan fauna of Pygocentrus nattereri (Kner, 1858) in Piranha Lake, (Amazonas, Brazil), and evaluation of its potential as an indicator of environmental health
Other Titles: Sazonalidade da fauna de metazoários de pygocentrus nattereri (kner, 1858) no lago piranha (Amazonas, Brasil) e a avaliação de seu potencial como indicadora da saúde do ambiente
Authors: Vital, José Francalino
Varella, Angela Maria Bezerra
Porto, Daniel Brito
Oliveira-Malta, José Celso de
Keywords: Animalsia
Pygocentrus Nattereri
Issue Date: 2011
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Biota Neotropica
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 11, Número 1, Pags. 199-204
Abstract: The metazoan parasitic fauna of Pygocentrusnattereri collected in different phases of hydrologic cycle of Piranha lake was studied during the year of 2007. The study area is located in gas pipeline Coari-Manaus construction zone, near the municipality of Manacapuru-Am. The relationship between condition factor and parasite occurrence and the viability of use the parasitic fauna as an environmental bio-indicator were verified. The following Monogenoidea were collected: Amphitheciummicrophalum, Amphiteciumbrachycirrum, Amphiteciumcalycinum, Amphitheciumcatalaoensis, Amphitheciumjunki, Pithanotheciumamazonensis e Rhinoxenuspiranhus, as well as the nematode Procamallanusinopinatus, the copepod Miracetyma sp. and the isopod Anphirabranchialis. There was not significant correlation between the parasite occurrence and the condition factor. There were significant variances in the parasitic index according to the different periods of hydrologic cycle and P. nattereri has achieved the conditions described in the literature to be select a fish-host and his parasite fauna as biomonitor.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1590/S1676-06032011000100021
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