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Title: Variation on the chemical composition of the oil from damaged branches of guarea guidonia (L.) Sleumer (Meliaceae)
Authors: Nunez, Cecilia Veronica
Lago, João Henriqu Ghilardi
Roque, Nidia Franca
Keywords: Composition
Crude Petroleum
Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Essential Oil Composition
Guarea Guidonia
Steam Distillation
Essential Oils
Guarea Guidonia
Issue Date: 2005
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Journal of Essential Oil Research
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 17, Número 6, Pags. 626-627
Abstract: The damaged branches of one specimen of Guarea guidonia, which had been blown down after a high wind, were submitted to steam distillation. The oil was analyzed by GC and GC/MS. The chromatographic profile indicated a difference in the composition of this oil in comparison to an oil obtained from healthy-branch oil analyzed previously The crude oil was thus submitted to chromatographic separation, and the main components identified by NMR and GC/MS. © 2005, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1080/10412905.2005.9699015
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