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Title: Physical damage in relation to carbon allocation strategies of tropical forest tree saplings
Authors: Pauw, Anton
van Bael, Sunshine A.
Peters, Halton A.
Allison, Steven D.
Camargo, José Luís Campana
Cifuentes-Jara, Miguel
Conserva, Auristela
Restom, Teresa Garcia
Heartsill Scalley, T.
Mangan, Scott A.
Nuñez-Iturri, Gabriela
Rivera-Ocasio, Elsie
Rountree, Mark
Vetter, Susanne
Castilho, Carolina Volkmer de
Keywords: Carbon
Tropical Forest
Issue Date: 2004
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Biotropica
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 36, Número 3, Pags. 410-413
Abstract: We show that tropical forest tree saplings with greater belowground carbon allocation have more breakage scars along their stems. We suggest the existence of alternative carbon allocation strategies in relation to physical damage in the forest understorey. "Tolerators" allocate more belowground, have enhanced resprouting ability and slower aboveground growth, whereas "escapers" allocate less belowground, are not well prepared for recovering from damage, but grow fast enough to escape from the damage-susceptible size class.
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