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Title: Estimating the size of ovigerous females of Moina minuta (Cladocera - Crustacea) in Amapá Lake, Rio Branco, state of Acre, Brazil
Other Titles: Estimativa do tamanho das fêmeas com ovos de Moina minuta Hansen, 1899 (Cladocera, Crustacea) no lago Amapá, Rio Branco, Estado do Acre Brasil
Authors: Keppeler, E. C.
Hardy, Elsa Rodrigues
Keywords: Controlled Study
Egg Laying
Egg Production
Lake Ecosystem
Moina Minuta
Moina Minuta
Issue Date: 2002
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Acta Scientiarum - Biological and Health Sciences
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 24, Número 2, Pags. 321-328
Abstract: Moina minuta, a tropical species of Cladocera, was selected for the study of medium size at maturity and female egg production, due to its abundance and frequency in samples during low-water season in 1997 and high-water season in 1998, in Amapá Lake, Western Amazônia. The primiparous female had a size of 330 μm and 340 μm in low and high water, respectively. Moina individuals reached maximum size during high water (595μm). The medium size of the ovigerous females, in low water was 501 μm, producing an average of 4.41 eggs/female, while in high water, it was 533μm, with an average egg production of 4.84 eggs/female. The results, analyzed by the t test and Fischer's F test, showed that there were no statistical differences in size among individuals (t= -10.69, F=1.20 and P>0.1227), nor among ovigerous females (t= -4.45, F=1.02 and P>0.8906), considering the two seasons.
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