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Title: Comparative morphology of three native lernaeids (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) from amazonian fishes and descriptions of two new genera
Authors: Thatcher, Vernon E.
Williams, Ernest H.
Keywords: Amazolernaea Sannerae
Bedsylernaea Collaris
Cichla Monoculus
Cichla Temensis
Lernaea Cyprinacea
Perulernaea Gamitanae
Issue Date: 1998
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Journal of Aquatic Animal Health
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 10, Número 3, Pags. 300-308
Abstract: Morphological studies were carried out on adult postmetamorphic females of three native South American genera of Lernaeidae (Crustacea: Copepoda: Cyclopoida) and these were compared with the imported species Lernaea cyprinacea. Two of the native species represent new genera, which are described as Amazolernaea sannerae gen. et sp. nov. and Bedsylernaea collaris gen. et sp. nov. The third native species had already been described as Perulernaea gamitanae Thatcher and Paredes, 1985. Amazolernaea sannerae from the cichlids Cichla monoculus and speckled pavon C. temensis was characterized as having four similar petal-like anchors, a long slender neck, thoracopods 1 and 2 close together, and a genital pore located equatorially in the well-developed hindbody. Bedsylernaea collaris differs from all known lernaeids in having a large inflated head region with one bulbous anchor on either side, a slender neck, a stout hindbody with a large pregenital prominence, a genital pore that is anterior to the midpoint on the hind body, and collar-like extensions on the anterior extremity of the hindbody. Perulernaea gamitanae has two large and two small unbranched anchors, a long neck with prominent glands, and an elongate hind body with a genital pore that is posterior to the midpoint. In contrast, all valid species of Lernaea have four frequently branching anchors, a neck region and hindbody that are not well defined, a short abdomen, and a genital pore at or near the posterior extremity. © by the American Fisheries Society 1998.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1577/1548-8667(1998)010<0300:CMOTNL>2.0.CO;2
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