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dc.contributor.authorBrazaitis, Peter-
dc.contributor.authorRebêlo, George Henrique-
dc.contributor.authorYamashita, Carlos-
dc.description.abstractInvestigations were conducted throughout the Amazonian regions of Brazil to determine the distribution and status of Caiman c. crocodilus populations. Observations were made on the occurrence of Melanosuchus niger populations. Population data for river and lake/pond habitats are reported for 39 localities. Data suggest Caiman populations may be depleted in many regions. Melanosuchus populations are fragmented and have been extirpated from eight localities which had recent populations. Amazonian caiman populations are subject io increased human predation, environmental contamination with heavy metals, habitat modification, and lack of effective protection for wild populations.en
dc.relation.ispartofVolume 17, Número 4, Pags. 377-385pt_BR
dc.subjectCaiman Crocodilusen
dc.subjectCaiman Crocodilusen
dc.subjectMelanosuchus Nigeren
dc.titleThe status of Caiman crocodilus crocodilus and Melanosuchus niger populations in the Amazonian regions of Brazilen
dc.publisher.journalAmphibia Reptiliapt_BR
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