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Title: Volatile constituents from leaves and stems of Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) March.
Authors: Zoghbi, Maria das Graças Bichara
Maia, José Guilherme Soares
Luz, Arnaldo Iran R.
Keywords: Composition
Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Plants (botany)
Protium Heptaphyllum
Essential Oils
Issue Date: 1995
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Journal of Essential Oil Research
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 7, Número 5, Pags. 541-543
Abstract: The essential oils from the leaves and stems of Protium heptaphyllum were analyzed by GC/MS. The major volatile constituents obtained from the leaves were terpinolene (15.45%), β-elemene (22.09%) and β-caryophyllene (11.11%), while the main component of the stem oil was terpinolene (40.28%). © 1995 Allured Publishing Corp.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1080/10412905.1995.9698581
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