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Title: Sources of heat for nests of Paleosuchus trigonatus and a review of crocodilian nest temperatures.
Authors: Magnusson, William Ernest
Lima, Albertina Pimental
Sampaio, R. M.
Keywords: Crocodylidae (all Crocodiles)
Paleosuchus Trigonatus
Issue Date: 1985
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Journal of Herpetology
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 19, Número 2, Pags. 199-207
Abstract: Crocodilians normally incubate at temperatures >27oC. Stable temperatures >27oC are not naturally available in the tropical-rainforest habitat of Paleosuchus trigonatus. Most nests are placed at the side of, or on top of, termite mounds. Heat from the termite mound insulation by the nest material maintain the eggs at c 30oC (28.4-32.1oC). -from Authors
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.2307/1564173
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