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Title: Comments on the Classification of Neotropical Scionini (Tabanidae) with a Description of a New Genus
Authors: Krolow, Tiago Kütter
Henriques, Augusto Loureiro
González, Christian Raúl
Nihei, Silvio Shigueo
Keywords: Neotropics
New Genus
Issue Date: 2020
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Neotropical Entomology
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 49, Número 3, Pags. 412-419
Abstract: The classification of the Tabanidae had remained stable over the last 60 years after Mackerras proposed a great revolution in the arrangement of the family. Recently, some new proposals based on molecular data have once again changed the classification of the family, mainly with a focus on the tribe Scionini. The present paper introduces a critical analysis based on the taxonomical view of the recent proposed classification of Scionini. Three genera are discussed: Lepmia Fairchild, Parosca Enderlein, and Pseudoscione Lutz. Lepmia atra (Philippi), L. grisea (Jaennicke), and L. leucothorax (Ricardo) are transferred to a new genus, Sixtomyiagen.n., based on its morphological differences from Lepmia. Other three species receive a new combination: Parosca subulipalpis (Enderlein) n. comb., Pseudoscione albifrons (Macquart) n. comb., Ps. hibernus (Wilkerson & Coscarón) n. comb. A key to species of Sixtomyia is provided and diagnostic characters are illustrated. © 2020, Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1007/s13744-020-00767-w
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