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Title: A New Variant B Chromosome in Auchenipteridae: The Role of (GATA) and (TTAGGG) Sequences in Understanding the Evolution of Supernumeraries in Trachelyopterus
Authors: Felicetti, Denise
Haerter, Chrystian A.G.
Baumgärtner, Lucas
Paiz, Leonardo Marcel
Takagui, Fábio Hiroshi
Margarido, Vladimir Pavan
Blanco, Daniel Rodrigues
Feldberg, Eliana
Da Silva, M. R.
Lui, Roberto Laridondo
Keywords: Sympatric species
Neotropical region
Issue Date: 2021
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Cytogenetic and Genome Research
Abstract: Basic and molecular cytogenetic techniques were carried out in 3 Neotropical region populations of catfishes, two of Trachelyopterus galeatus (one from the marshlands of Paraguay River basin and another from Lago Catalão, Amazon River basin) and one of Trachelyopterus porosus, a sympatric population to T. galeatus from the Amazon River basin. This study aimed to describe and understand the structure and evolution of Trachelyopterus B chromosomes, mainly through physical mapping of repetitive elements. A diploid number of 58 chromosomes was found for all individuals, as well as the presence of B chromosomes. For T. porosus this is the first report of a supernumerary. The sympatric species of T. galeatus and T. porosus from Amazon River had 1–3 B chromosomes and T. galeatus from Paraguay River had 1–2 B chromosomes, all of them showed intra- and interindividual numerical variation. Two females of T. porosus exhibited a new variant B chromosome (B2), previously not seen in Auchenipteridae, which might have originated from B1 chromosomes. All B chromosomes were entirely heterochromatic. In contrast to all complement A and B2 chromosomes, in which the telomeric sequences were found in the telomeric regions, B1 chromosomes of all populations were totally marked by (TTAGGG)n probes. (GATA)n sequence sites were found through all complement A chromosomes, but B1 and B2 chromosomes exhibited only a clustered block in one of the chromosome arms. The most frequent B chromosomes (B1) in all populations/species, including those previously studied in Auchenipteridae catfishes, share the following characteristics: totally heterochromatic, small, metacentric, with accumulation of repetitive (TTAGGG)n sequences, and a low number of (GATA)n copies, which might suggest a common ancient origin in Trachelyopterus species/populations.
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