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Title: Immature life cycle of laboratory-reared phylloicus elektoros and phylloicus amazonas (Trichoptera: Calamoceratidae) from a central amazonian stream
Other Titles: Ciclo de vida em laboratório de imaturos de phylloicus elektoros e phylloicus amazonas (Trichoptera: calamoceratidae) de um igarapé da amazônia central
Authors: Martins, Renato Tavares
Soares, Kleicy Maciel
Hamada, Neusa
Issue Date: 2021
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Acta Amazonica
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 51
Abstract: We reared field-collected egg masses of the caddisflies Phylloicus amazonas (n = 2) and Phylloicus elektoros (n = 7) to adulthood. First instar larvae of both species hatched up to five days after field collection. Median development time from first larval instar to adult was 229 days for P. amazonas and 275 for P. elektoros, including the pupal development time (median of 13.5 and 16 days, respectively). Shredder organisms have been used frequently in studies related to organic matter processing in freshwater ecosystems. The biological information reported in here may be useful for the design of experimental studies in the field or under laboratory conditions. © 2021, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia. All rights reserved.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1590/1809-4392202003861
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