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2005Cornops aquaticum (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Leptysminae): aceitação de plantas alimentares por ninfas vivendo em Eichhornia azurea (Pontederiaceae) no Pantanal Norte, BrasilLhano, M. G.; Adis, J.; Marques, M. I.; Battirola, L. D.
2005Seasonal and diel structure in stability of limnological parameters and habitat a floodplain lake silted by bauxite tailings (Lago Batata, Pará, Brazil)Lin, D. S. C.; Caramaschi, É. Pellegrini
2005A key to pupal exuviae of Neotropical Tanytarsini miptera: Chironomidae)Wiedenbrug, S.; Torres, R. Ospina
2005Millipedes (Diplopoda) of the Brazilian PantanalGolovatch, S. I.; Hofhan, R. L.; Adis, J.; Marques, M. I.; Raizer, J.; Silva, F. H. O.; Ribeiro, R. A. K.; Silva, J. L.; Pinheiro, T. G.
2005Morfometría de los estadios ninfales de Cornops aquaticum BRUNER (1906) (Acrididae: Leptysminae) en ArgentinaFranceschini, M. C.; Capello, S.; Lhano, M. G.; Adis, J.; Wysiecki, M. L.
2005Two new species of the subgenus Stilobezzia (Stilobezzia) KIEFFER from Peruvian Amazonia (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)Cazorla, C. C.; Spinelli, G. R.; Díaz, F.
2005Leaf litter addition experiments in riparian ponds with different connectivity to a Cerrado stream in Mato Grosso, BrazilWantzen, K. M.; Rosa, F. R.; Neves, C. O.; Cunha, C. Nunes da
2005ERRATUM: AMAZONIANA XVI(314): 483-486,2001Schaller, F.
2005Seasonal and diurna1 changes in the fish fauna composition of a mangrove lake in the Caeté estuary, north BrazilGoch, Y. G. F.; Knimme, U.; Paul, U. Saint; Zuanon, J. A. S.
2005A new synopsis of the scorpion fauna of the Manaus region in Brazilian Amazonia, with special reference to an inundation forest at the Tarumã Mirim riverLourenço, W. R.; Adis, J.; Araújo, S.