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2008Acoustic and morphological differentiation in the frog Allobates femoralis: Relationships with the upper Madeira River and other potential geological barriersSimões, Pedro Ivo; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest; Hödl, Walter; Amézquita, Adolfo
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2011Acoustic interference and recognition space within a complex assemblage of dendrobatid frogsAmézquita, Adolfo; Flechas, Sandra V.; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Gasser, Herbert; Hödl, Walter
2016The advertisement call of Ameerega pulchripecta (Silverstone, 1976) (Anura, Dendrobatidae)Carlos, Eduardo Costa Campos; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Amézquita, Adolfo
2011The advertisement call of Physalaemus ephippifer (Anura: Leiuperidae) from Brazilian AmazoniaKaefer, Igor L.; Erdtmann, Luciana K.; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2008Ant diversity in an Amazonian savanna: Relationship with vegetation structure, disturbance by fire, and dominant antsVasconcelos, Heraldo L.; Leite, Marcos F.; Vilhena, José M.S.; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014Aposematism increases acoustic diversification and speciation in poison frogsSantos, Juan Carlos; Baquero, Margarita; Barrio-Amorós, César Luis; Coloma, Luis A.; Erdtmann, Luciana K.; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Cannatella, David C.
2019Association of hemidactylus Palaichthus Kluge, 1969 (Squamata, Gekkonidae) with the bromeliad Aechmea huebneriFerreira, Anthony Santana; Moravec, Ji?í; Ferrão, Miquéias; Lima, Albertina Pimental
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2019Author Correction: Sole coloration as an unusual aposematic signal in a Neotropical toad (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (1128), 10.1038/s41598-018-37705-1)Rößler, Daniela C.; Lötters, Stefan; Mappes, Johanna; Valkonen, Janne K.; Menin, Marcelo; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Pröhl, Heike
2014Between-year consistency of anuran assemblages in temporary ponds in a deforested area in Western AmazoniaVenâncio, Nathocley Mendes; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Souza, Moisés Barbosa de; Magnusson, William Ernest
2012Beyond the river: Underlying determinants of population acoustic signal variability in Amazonian direct-developing Allobates (Anura: Dendrobatoidea)Kaefer, Igor L.; Tsuji-Nishikido, Bruno Minoru; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2007The biflagellate spermatozoa of Colostethus marchesianus (Melin, 1941) (Anura, Dendrobatidae) from the type locality and of Colostethus sp. (aff. Marchesianus.) from a different locality: A scanning and transmission electron microscopy analysisVeiga-Menoncello, Ana Cristina Prado; Aguiar-Júnior, Odair; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Pimentel, Shirlei Maria Recco
2003Biflagellate spermatozoon of the poison-dart frogs Epipedobates femoralis and Colostethus sp. (Anura, Dendrobatidae)Aguiar-Júnior, Odair; Garda, Adrian Antonio; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Colli, Guarino R.; Báo, Sônia N.; Pimentel, Shirlei Maria Recco
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2009Calls, colours, shape, and genes: A multi-trait approach to the study of geographic variation in the Amazonian frog Allobates femoralisAmézquita, Adolfo; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Jehle, Robert; Castellanos, Lina; Ramos, Óscar; Crawford, Andrew J.; Gasser, Herbert; Hödl, Walter
2013Changes in ground-dwelling ant functional diversity are correlated with water-table level in an amazonian terra firme forestBaccaro, Fabricio Beggiato; Rocha, Ivaneide F.; del Aguila, Barbara E.G.; Schietti, Juliana; Emilio, Thaise; Pinto, José Luiz Purri da Veiga; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest
2006Chromosomal differentiation of populations of Lysapsus limellus limellus, L. l. bolivianus, and of Lysapsus caraya (Hylinae, Hylidae)Busin, Carmen Sílvia; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Prado, Cynthia P. A.; Strüssmann, Christine; Júnior, Sérgio Siqueira; Pimentel, Shirlei Maria Recco
2006Chromosomal study of Colostethus brunneus from the type locality and two related species (Anura - Dendrobatidae)Veiga-Menoncello, Ana Cristina Prado; Strüssmann, Christine; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Pimentel, Shirlei Maria Recco
2007Clutches, tadpoles and advertisement calls of Synapturanus mirandanbeiroi and S. cf. salseri in Central Amazonia, BrazilMenin, Marcelo; Rodrigues, Domingos de Jesus; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2010Community structure of dung beetles in Amazonian savannas: Role of fire disturbance, vegetation and landscape structureLouzada, Julio; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Matavelli, Rodrigo Augusto; Zambaldi, Ludimilla P.; Barlow, Jos
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2013Comparative cytogenetic analysis of some species of the Dendropsophus microcephalus group (Anura, Hylidae) in the light of phylogenetic inferencesMedeiros, Lilian Ricco; Louren?o, Luciana Bolsoni; Rossa-Feres, Denise de Cerqueira; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Andrade, Gilda Vasconcellos; Giaretta, Ariovaldo Ant?nio; Egito, Gabriel Toselli Barbosa Tabosa; Pimentel, Shirlei Maria Recco
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2019Comparative cytogenetics of nine populations of the Rhinella genus (Anura, Bufonidae) with a highlight on their conservative karyotypeBruschi, Daniel Pacheco; Sousa, Deborah Yasmim; Soares, Amanda A.; Carvalho, Klélia Aparecida de; Busin, Carmen Sílvia; Ficanha, Natália Cristine; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Andrade, Gilda Vasconcellos; Pimentel, Shirlei Maria Recco