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2022Spatial and seasonal variation of benthic fish assemblages in whitewater rivers of Central AmazonDuarte, Cleber; Farago, Thatyla Luana Beck; Anjos, Camila Saraiva dos; Santos, Natasha Rabelo dos; Nascimento, Lindaura Maues do; Cella-Ribeiro, Ariana; Deus, Cláudia Pereira de
2005Variation on the chemical composition of the oil from damaged branches of guarea guidonia (L.) Sleumer (Meliaceae)Nunez, Cecilia Veronica; Lago, João Henriqu Ghilardi; Roque, Nidia Franca
1995Volatile constituents from leaves and stems of Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) March.Zoghbi, Maria das Graças Bichara; Maia, José Guilherme Soares; Luz, Arnaldo Iran R.