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2020Bats in Three Protected Areas of the Central Amazon Ecological Corridor in Brazildos Santos, Tamily Carvalho Melo; Lopes, Gerson P.; Rabelo, Rafael M.; Giannini, Tereza Cristina
1998Beetle species responses to tropical forest fragmentationDidham, Raphael K.; Hammond, Peter M.; Lawton, John Hartley; Eggleton, Paul; Stork, N. E.
2009Biomass and greenhouse-gas emissions from land-use change in Brazil's Amazonian "arc of deforestation": The states of Mato Grosso and RondôniaFearnside, Philip Martin; Righi, Ciro Abbud; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Keizer, Edwin Willem Hermanus; Cerri, Carlos C.; Nogueira, Euler Melo; Barbosa, Reinaldo Imbrozio
2009Biomass burning in Brazil's Amazonian "arc of deforestation": Burning efficiency and charcoal formation in a fire after mechanized clearing at Feliz Natal, Mato GrossoRighi, Ciro Abbud; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Cerri, Carlos C.; Feigl, Brigitte Josefine; Fearnside, Philip Martin
2020Both near-surface and satellite remote sensing confirm drought legacy effect on tropical forest leaf phenology after 2015/2016 ENSO droughtGonçalves, Nathan Borges; Lopes, Aline Pontes; Dalagnol, Ricardo; Wu, Jin; Pinho, Davieliton Mesquita; Nelson, Bruce Walker
1989Brazil's Balbina Dam: Environment versus the legacy of the Pharaohs in AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin
2012Broad Scale Distribution of Ferns and Lycophytes along Environmental Gradients in Central and Northern Amazonia, BrazilZuquim, Gabriela; Tuomisto, Hanna; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Prado, J.; Magnusson, William Ernest; Pimentel, Tânia Pena; Braga-Neto, Ricardo; Figueiredo, Fernando Oliveira Gouvêa
1999Burning of Amazonian forest in Ariquemes, Rondônia, Brazil: biomass, charcoal formation and burning efficiencyGraça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Cerri, Carlos Clemente
1999Burning of Amazonian forest in Ariquemes, Rondonia, Brazil: Biomass, charcoal formation and burning efficiencyGraça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Cerri, Carlos C.
2001Burning of Amazonian rainforests: Burning efficiency and charcoal formation in forest cleared for cattle pasture near Manaus, BrazilFearnside, Philip Martin; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Rodrigues, Fernando José Alves
2016Busy nights: High seed dispersal by crickets in a neotropical forestSantana, Flávia Delgado; Baccaro, Fabricio Beggiato; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto
2019Can environmental complexity predict functional trait composition of ground-dwelling ant assemblages? A test across the Amazon BasinGuilherme, Diego Rodrigues; Souza, Jorge Luiz Pereira; Franklin, E.; Pequeno, Pedro Aurélio Costa Lima; Chagas, Andreia Conceição Das; Baccaro, Fabricio Beggiato
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Can traits predict individual growth performance? A test in a hyperdiverse tropical forestPoorter, L.; Castilho, Carolina Volkmer; Schietti, Juliana; Oliveira, Rafael S.; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto
2020Carbon Dioxide Fluxes to the Atmosphere From Waters Within Flooded Forests in the Amazon BasinAmaral, João Henrique Fernandes; Melack, John M.; Barbosa, Pedro Maia; MacIntyre, Sally; Kasper, Daniele; Cortés, Alicia; Silva, Thiago Sanna Freire; Sousa, Rodrigo Nunes de; Forsberg, Bruce Rider
1999Carbon dioxide measurements in the noctural boundary layer over Amazonian forestCulf, Alistair D.; Fisch, Gilberto Fernando; Malhi, Yadvinder Singh; Costa, Rafael Carvalho; Nobre, Antônio Donato; Marques Filho, Ari de Oliveira; Gash, John H.C.; Grace, John
1997Carbon dioxide recycling in two Amazonian tropical forestsSternberg, Leonel da Silveira Lobo O.Reilly; Moreira, Marcelo Z.; Martinelli, Luiz Antônio; Victória, Reynaldo Luiz; Barbosa, Edelcilio Marques; Bonates, Luiz C.M.; Nepstad, Daniel Curtis
1998Carbon dioxide transfer over a Central Amazonian rain forestMalhi, Yadvinder Singh; Nobre, Antônio Donato; Grace, John; Kruijt, Bart J.; Pereira, Maria G.P.; Culf, Alistair D.; Scott, Steve L.
2015Carbon stock loss from deforestation through 2013 in Brazilian AmazoniaNogueira, Euler Melo; Yanai, Aurora Miho; Fonseca, Frederico O.R.; Fearnside, Philip Martin
2018Causes of reduced leaf-level photosynthesis during strong El Niño drought in a Central Amazon forestSantos, Victor Alexandre Hardt Ferreira dos; Ferreira, Marciel José; Rodrigues, J. V. F. C.; Garcia, Maquelle Neves; Ceron, João Vitor Barbosa; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Saleska, Scott Reid
Central.pdf.jpg2020The Central Amazon Biomass Sink Under Current and Future Atmospheric CO2: Predictions From Big-Leaf and Demographic Vegetation ModelsHolm, Jennifer A.; G, Knox, Ryan; Zhu, Qing; Fisher, Rosie A.; Koven, Charles D.; Nogueira Lima, Adriano J.; Riley, William J.; Longo, Marcos; Negrón-Juárez, Robinson I.; Araüjo, Alessandro Carioca de; Kueppers, Lara M.; Moorcroft, Paul R.; Higuchi, Niro; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin