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artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2002Activity of tabanids (Insecta: Diptera: Tabanidae) attacking the Reptiles Caiman crocodilus (Linn.) (Alligatoridae) and Eunectes murinus (Linn.) (Boidae), in the Central Amazon, BrazilFerreira-Keppler, Ruth Leila Menezes; Henriques, Augusto Loureiro; Rafael, José Albertino
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016Behavioral patterns, parity rate and natural infection analysis in anopheline species involved in the transmission of malaria in the northeastern Brazilian Amazon regionBarbosa, Ledayane Mayana Costa; Souto, R. N.P.; Ferreira, Ricardo Marcelo dos Anjos; Scarpassa, Vera Margarete
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2010Biparental mucus feeding: A unique example of parental care in an Amazonian cichlidBuckley, Jonathan; Maunder, Richard J.; Foey, Andrew David; Pearce, Janet; Val, Adalberto Luis; Sloman, Katherine A.
2008The black soldier-fly, Hermetia illucens (Diptera, Stratiomyidae), used to estimate the postmortem interval in a case in Amapá State, BrazilPujol-Luz, J. R.; Francez, Pablo Abdon da Costa; Ururahy-Rodrigues, Alexandre; Constantino, Reginaldo
2009Can forest fragmentation disrupt a conditional mutualism? A case from central AmazonJorge, Maria Luisa S. P.; Howe, Henry Franklin
2006Carbon sources of fish in an Amazonian floodplain lakeOliveira, Ana Cristina B; Soares, Maria Gercilia Mota; Martinelli, Luiz Antônio; Moreira, Marcelo Z.
2016A case of flying insects visiting an anatomy and embalming laboratory in Medellín, ColombiaAmat, Eduardo; Serna, Claudia P.; Antia-Montoya, German
2016Combining Taxonomic and Functional Approaches to Unravel the Spatial Distribution of an Amazonian Butterfly CommunityGraÇa, MÁrlon Breno; Morais, José Wellington de; Franklin, E.; Pequeno, Pedro Aurélio Costa Lima; Souza, Jorge Luiz Pereira; Bueno, Anderson Saldanha
comparative.pdf.jpg2018A comparative study of the gastric ossicles of Trichodactylidae crabs (Brachyura: Decapoda) with comments on the role of diet and phylogeny in shaping morphological traitsCarvalho, Débora A.; Collins, Pablo Agustin; Lima-Gomes, Renata C.; Magalhães, Célio; Torres, María Victoria; Williner, Verónica
2008Coprophanaeus lancifer (Linnaeus, 1767) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) activity moves a man-size pig carcass: Relevant data for forensic taphonomyUrurahy-Rodrigues, Alexandre; Rafael, José Albertino; Wanderley, Roberto Ferreira; Marques, Helder; Pujol-Luz, J. R.
2016Description of a new species of Lutosa Walker, 1869 (Orthoptera: Anostostomatidae: Lutosinae) from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, with biological and behavioral informationHeleodoro, Raphael Aquino; Mendes, Diego Matheus de Mello
2017Diet of Amazon river turtles (Podocnemididae): a review of the effects of body size, phylogeny, season and habitatEisemberg, Carla Camilo; Reynolds, Stephen J.; Christian, Keith A. A.; Vogt, Richard Carl
2009Digestive enzymes of eight amazonian teleosts with different feeding habitsLópez-Vásquez, K.; Castro-Pérez, C. A.; Val, Adalberto Luis
2019Does water type influence diet composition in Amazonian manatee (Trichechus inunguis)? A case study comparing black and clearwater riversCrema, Luciana Carvalho; Silva, Vera Maria Ferreira da; Botta, Silvina; Trumbore, Susan Elizabeth; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2020Echolocation of Central Amazonian ‘whispering’ phyllostomid bats: call design and interspecific variationYoh, Natalie; Syme, Peter; Rocha, Ricardo; Meyer, Christoph F.J.; López-Baucells, Adrià
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014Ecoepidemiology and biology of eratyrus mucronatus stål, 1859 (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae), a sylvatic vector of chagas disease in the brazilian amazonMonte, Gersonval Leandro Silva; Tadei, Wanderli Pedro; Farias, Thaysa Marinho
2017Effects of species co-occurrence on the trophic-niche breadth of characids in Amazon forest streamsBarros, G.; Zuanon, Jansen; Deus, C. P.
2015Experimentally increased temperature and hypoxia affect stability of social hierarchy and metabolism of the Amazonian cichlid Apistogramma agassiziiKochhann, Daiani; Campos, Derek Felipe de; Val, Adalberto Luis
2001Experiments on the feeding behavior of the hematophagous candiru, Vandellia cf. plazaiiSpotte, Stephen; Petry, Paulo; Zuanon, Jansen
2011Feeding behaviour and ecosystem role of the red mangrove crab Goniopsis cruentata (Latreille, 1803) (Decapoda, Grapsoidea) in a subtropical estuary on the Brazilian coastLima-Gomes, Renata C. de; Cobo, Válter José; Fransozo, Adílson