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2017Are fluvial islands “real” islands for arboreal mammals? Uncovering the effect of patch size under the species–area relationshipRabelo, Rafael M.; Bicca-Marques, Júlio César; Aragón, Susan; Nelson, Bruce Walker
2016Comparative Phylogeography of Two Bird Species, Tachyphonus phoenicius (Thraupidae) and Polytmus theresiae (Trochilidae), Specialized in Amazonian White-sand VegetationMatos, Maysa V.; Borges, Sérgio Henrique; D'Horta, Fernando Mendonça; Cornelius, Cintia; Latrubesse, Edgardo Manuel; Cohn-Haft, Mario; Ribas, Camila Cherem
2011Exotic tree monocultures play a limited role in the conservation of Atlantic Forest epiphytesBoelter, Carlos Renato; Zartman, Charles Eugene; Fonseca, Carlos Roberto
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2019Habitat amount hypothesis and passive sampling explain mammal species composition in Amazonian river islandsRabelo, Rafael M.; Aragón, Susan; Bicca-Marques, Júlio César; Nelson, Bruce Walker
2007A large-scale deforestation experiment: Effects of patch area and isolation on Amazon birdsFerraz, Gonçalo; Nichols, James D.; Hines, James E.; Stouffer, Philip C.; Bierregaard, Richard O.; Lovejoy, Thomas E.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2020Predicting biodiversity loss in island and countryside ecosystems through the lens of taxonomic and functional biogeographyFarneda, Fábio Z.; Grelle, Carlos Eduardo V.Viveiros; Rocha, Ricardo; Ferreira, Diogo F.; López-Baucells, Adrià; Meyer, Christoph F.J.
2017Regional distribution of large blowdown patches across Amazonia in 2005 caused by a single convective squall lineAraujo, Raquel Fernandes; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Celes, Carlos Henrique Souza; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin