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2017Are fluvial islands “real” islands for arboreal mammals? Uncovering the effect of patch size under the species–area relationshipRabelo, Rafael M.; Bicca-Marques, Júlio César; Aragón, Susan; Nelson, Bruce Walker
2011Disentangling the drivers of reduced long-distance seed dispersal by birds in an experimentally fragmented landscapeUríarte, Ma?ia; Anciães, Marina; Silva, Mariana T.B. da; Rubim, Paulo; Johnson, Erik I.; Bruna, Emilio M.
2010Effects of litter patch area on macroinvertebrate assemblage structure and leaf breakdown in Central Amazonian streamsLandeiro, Victor Lemes; Hamada, Neusa; Godoy, Bruno Spacek; Melo, Adriano Sanches
2017Forest patch isolation drives local extinctions of Amazonian orchid bees in a 26 years old archipelagoStorck-Tonon, Danielle; Peres, Carlos A.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2019Habitat amount hypothesis and passive sampling explain mammal species composition in Amazonian river islandsRabelo, Rafael M.; Aragón, Susan; Bicca-Marques, Júlio César; Nelson, Bruce Walker
1999Home-range size of the bare-ear marmoset (Callithrix argentata) at Alter do Chao, Central Amazonia, BrazilAlbernaz, Ana Luísa Kerti Mangabeira; Magnusson, William Ernest
2019Igapó seed patches: A potentially key resource for terrestrial vertebrates in a seasonally flooded forest of central AmazoniaAntunes, Ana Carolina; Baccaro, Fabricio Beggiato; Andrade, Victor Lery Caetano; Ramos, José Ferreira; Silva, Roberto Moreira da; Barnett, Adrian Ashton
2016Importance of the matrix in determining small-mammal assemblages in an Amazonian forest-savanna mosaicBorges-Matos, Clarice; Aragón, Susan; Silva, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da; Fortin, Marie Joseé; Magnusson, William Ernest
2009The influence of forest definition on landscape fragmentation assessment in Rondônia, BrazilColson, Filip; Bogaert, Jan; Carneiro Filho, Arnaldo; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Pinagé, Ekena Rangel; Ceulemans, Reinhart J.
2007A large-scale deforestation experiment: Effects of patch area and isolation on Amazon birdsFerraz, Gonçalo; Nichols, James D.; Hines, James E.; Stouffer, Philip C.; Bierregaard, Richard O.; Lovejoy, Thomas E.
2017Regional distribution of large blowdown patches across Amazonia in 2005 caused by a single convective squall lineAraujo, Raquel Fernandes; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Celes, Carlos Henrique Souza; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin