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Title: Environmental risk assessment of fish marketing in port region Manaus / Amazonas
Other Titles: Avaliação de risco ambiental da comercialização do pescado na região portuária de Manaus/Amazonas
Authors: Cunha, Esther Léa Azulay Benayon
Lima, Aline Maria Meiguins de
Souza, Francisca das Chagas do Amaral
Macedo, Rui Guilherme Cavaleiro de
Gomes, Maria de Valdívia Costa
Keywords: Environmental Assessment
Environmental Quality
Environmental Risk
Food Safety
Risk Assessment
Food Market
Issue Date: 2015
metadata.dc.publisher.journal: Ra'e Ga: O Espaço Geográfico Em Análise
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Volume 34, Pags. 193-213
Abstract: The food security is a key concern, since there is the need of food intake; with acceptable standard of quality, that does not imply a health risk. This paper assesses the environmental risk in a port area located in the south of Manaus-AM, with 150 m long, between the streams of Educandos and São Raimundo, near major shopping sites; and the environmental sanitary condition of the fish during its marketing, packaging and disposal. In the analysis process were considered sanitary conditions of the environment and the food handler. The method used was the Failure Analysis, Modes and Effects (FMEA). The results demonstrate that the application of FMEA for calculating risk provides the identification of critical points, the different intensities of occurrence and it is enabled to indicate possible improvements. Regarding the place of analysis, this is in a degree of risk ranging from moderate to high. The factors that may cause harmful vectors of public health associated with improper handling of fish, the local infrastructure and food hygiene occur in 64% of cases. In addition, the generation of wastewater, solid waste and without quality control was associated with 36% of cases. Despite the unfavorable context, this kind of trade is a local vocation, and must go through a review process of the government to search for an environmental quality accompanied by the food safety of fish sold. © 2015 R. Ra'e Curitiba.
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