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2016Climate/growth relations and teleconnections for a Hymenaea courbaril (Leguminosae) population inhabiting the dry forest on karstLocosselli, Giuliano Maselli; Schöngart, Jochen; Ceccantini, Gregório Cardoso Tápias
2007Forecasting the flood-pulse in Central Amazonia by ENSO-indicesSchöngart, Jochen; Junk, Wolfgang Johannes
2012Predicting land cover changes in the Amazon rainforest: An ocean-atmosphere-biosphere problemPereira, Marcos Paulo Santos; Malhado, Ana Cláudia Mendes; Costa, Marcos Heil
2012Seasonal anomalous rainfall in the central and eastern Amazon and associated anomalous oceanic and atmospheric patternsAndreoli, Rita Valéria; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Cândido, Luiz Antônio
Streamflow.pdf.jpg2020Streamflow intensification driven by the atlantic multidecadal oscillation (AMO) in the atrato river basin, Northwestern ColombiaCerón, Wilmar Loaiza; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Andreoli, Rita Valéria; Ávila, Álvaro; Canchala, Teresita; Frances, Felix; Rivera, Irma Ayes; Alfonso-Morales, Wilfredo; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de; Carvajal-Escobar, Yesid
Streamflow.pdf.jpg2020Streamflow variability in colombian pacific basins and their teleconnections with climate indicesCanchala, Teresita; Cerón, Wilmar Loaiza; Frances, Felix; Carvajal-Escobar, Yesid; Andreoli, Rita Valéria; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Alfonso-Morales, Wilfredo; Caicedo-Bravo, Eduardo; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de