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2007A large-scale deforestation experiment: Effects of patch area and isolation on Amazon birdsFerraz, Gonçalo; Nichols, James D.; Hines, James E.; Stouffer, Philip C.; Bierregaard, Richard O.; Lovejoy, Thomas E.
2017Life History of Cochliomyia macellaria (Fabricius, 1775) (Diptera, Calliphoridae), a Blowfly of Medical and Forensic ImportanceAlvarez-Garcia, Deivys M.; Pérez-Hérazo, Antonio; Amat, Eduardo
2006Long-term landscape change and bird abundance in Amazonian rainforest fragmentsStouffer, Philip C.; Bierregaard, Richard O.; Strong, Cheryl M.; Lovejoy, Thomas E.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2006A medium-spatial scale distribution pattern of pseudoscorpionida (arachnida) in a gradient of topography (altitude and inclination), soil factors, and litter in a central Amazonia forest reserve, BrazilAguiar, Nair Otaviano; Gualberto, Tomaz L.; Franklin, E.
2006Metapopulation extinction thresholds in rain forest remnantsZartman, Charles Eugene; Shaw, A. Jonathan
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2013Modeling Dengue Vector Dynamics under Imperfect Detection: Three Years of Site-Occupancy by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Urban AmazoniaPadilla-Torres, Samael D.; Ferraz, Gonçalo; Luz, Sérgio Luíz Bessa; Zamora-Perea, Elvira; Abad-Franch, Fernando
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2015Modeling occupancy of hosts by mistletoe seeds after accounting for imperfect detectabilityFadini, Rodrigo F.; Cintra, Renato
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014Mutations in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of anophelines and their association with resistance to pyrethroids - A reviewSilva, Ana Paula B.; Santos, Joselita Maria M.; J, Martins, Ademir
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2010Phlebotomine fauna (Diptera: Psychodidae) in a campina reserve in the State of Amazonas, and its epidemiological importanceSilva, Plínio Eudson Santos da; Freitas, Rui Alves de; Silva, Daniela Fernandes da; Alencar, Ronildo Baiatone
2017Phylogeography and population dynamics of Antbirds (Thamnophilidae) from Amazonian fluvial islandsChoueri, Érik Lacerda; Gubili, Chrysoula; Borges, Sérgio Henrique; Thom, Gregory; Sawakuchi, André Oliveira; Soares, Emílio Alberto Amaral; Ribas, Camila Cherem
1983The physical dimensions and biological meaning of the coefficients in the Volterra competition equations and their consequences for the possibility of coexistenceWalker, Ilse
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2013Population dynamics of the yellow piranha Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1858 (Characidae, Serrasalminae) in Amazonian floodplain lakesSousa, Fabrício Barros de; Soares, Maria Gercilia Mota; Prestes, Luiza
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2011Population growth and stable isotope analyses of Diaphanosoma spinolosum and Ceriodaphnia cornuta (Crustacea: Cladocera) fed with different seston size fractionsCaraballo, Pedro E.; Sanchez-Caraballo, Andrés Felipe; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Leite, Erosseval
2008Post-logging loss of genetic diversity in a mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King, Meliaceae) population in Brazilian AmazoniaAndré, Thiago; Lemes, Maristerra R.; Grogan, James; Gribel, Rogério
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014Response of frugivorous primates to changes in fruit supply in a northern Amazonian forestMourthé, Ítalo M.C.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2009The role of carbohydrates in seed germination and seedling establishment of Himatanthus sucuuba, an Amazonian tree with populations adapted to flooded and non-flooded conditionsFerreira, Cristiane Silva; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Tiné, Marco Aurélio Silva; Rodrigo Rossatto, Davi; Parolin, Pia; Buckeridge, Marcos Silveira
2013The scaling of colony size with nest volume in termites: A role in population dynamics?Lima Pequeno, Pedro A C; Franklin, E.; Venticinque, Eduardo Martins; Serrão Acioli, Agno N.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2006Spatial and temporal patterns of bird species diversity in the pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil: Implications for conservationFigueira, José Eugênio Cortês; Sobral Cintra, R. J. de; Viana, Emilson Ribeiro; Yamashita, C.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Spatial distribution pattern and diameter structure of Protium Burm. F. in iratapuru river sustainable development reserve, Amapá, BrazilTostes, Luciedi de Cássia Leôncio; Carim, Marcelo de Jesus Veiga; Gonçalves, José Francisco de Carvalho; Torres, Admilson Moreira; Guimarães, José Renan da Silva
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2005Spatially explicit population dynamics in a declining population of the tropical rodent, Bolomys lasiurusGhizoni, Ivo Rohling; Layme, Viviane Maria Guedes; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest